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      Default hi all im hank-moody

      hi all...
      im hank-moody a very few people know me, those who does know me, knows im one of the best crackers, and the only one that crack recaptcha sites :)
      just here to look

      Last edited by hank-moody : 06.03.2018 at 11:57

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      Welcome to DSC Hank! I know, you, and your cracking skills years now and i must admit that you're one of the best out there!

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      hank, you'll be in good company in our town
      If but we Christians have our beer, Nothing's to fear

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      Welcome to DS-City, nice to have you here.
      Hope to see some of your work soon.

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      i don't never post in free areas......i can drop some good shit for you in vip if you like

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      welcome on board.
      As ripley knows you I gave you cracker status now.
      Feel free to post some good shit in the vip-area.

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      Alright Mr. Moody, time to shine, let it glow.

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      Welcome to the city. Thanks for helping in pass request area. Looking forward to see more of your work in other sections.

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      okey i will post some soon

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      welcome welcome.

      saw your stiffia post. great stuff.

      looking forward to seeing more of your work.

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      hey Welcome bro :=)
      It's good to see you here

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