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    We offer two different areas for those of you who wanting longer lasting and better passes.

    The first Area is called Star Lounge

    If you want longer lasting passes, this area is something for you.
    The price is 9 usd for 3 months (no automatic rebilling)

    The second Area is called Elite Star Lounge

    If you want the best passes to all kind of sites,
    you should consider to join the Elite Star Lounge.

    >>>>>>>> Interested? Just follow these Link<<<<<<<

    Here are the frequently asked questions and the answers:

    So what is inside the Elite Star Lounge ?
    High-Quality Single Site Passes
    High Quality Pass Mixes
    Passes to gay-related Sites
    Exclusive Private Passes (Get an exclusive pass for an offered site. No one else will get this pass)
    High Quality Site-Rips (Get the complete content of a site without having or needing a user/pass)
    High Quality Picture-Gallerys and Video Vault (Only the good stuff is here. No crappy pictures or poor videos)

    What kind of member-packages are available in there ?

    Full access, but WITHOUT the access to the exclusive private request area

    1 month for 14.95 USD
    2 months for 24.95 USD
    3 months for 29.95 USD
    6 months for 55.95 USD
    12 months for 83.95 USD

    Full access, including the exclusive private request area

    1 month for 19.95 USD
    3 months for 35.95 USD
    6 months for 60.95 USD
    12 months for 99.00 USD

    NO rebilling of course.

    Where can I order the package of my choice ?

    Pretty easy, click

    Joining the Elite Star Lounge automatically will bring access to the Star Lounge too.

    Is a preview possible ?
    Yes, you will be able to find the Latest 20 Elite Star Lounge Posts on the forummainpage (in the sidebar on the right side of the board)
    Another way to see what we have in our store is to enter the Elite-Starlounge-Area. It is open for everybody, but only paying members can see the complete passes.

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