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    DarkStar City FAQ

    Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links or search box below to find your way around.

    1.0 General Rules Applicable to All Sections of the Board

    1.1 This is an English language board - We encourage you to try your best to post in English
    1.2 Maintain a post count by participating and replying where possible
    1.3 Be courteous and respectful of other members
    1.4 No racism in any form
    1.5 Avoid personal attacks when discussing politics and controversial issues
    1.6 Avoid flaming and public disputes
    1.7 Never flame a member of the staff
    1.8 Use the proper sections for your posts
    1.9 Read and follow the specific rules listed for each section before you post
    1.10 Always thank members for their contributions
    1.11 No speed posting or spamming to rapidly inflate your post count
    1.12 No advertising
    1.13 No leeching passwords and/or other content from this board to other boards
    1.14 Do not post prohibited content in any section
    1.15 Do not share your account
    1.16 Only one account per member
    1.17 Do not re-register if your board privileges have been revoked (banned)
    1.18 Report rule violators
    1.19 NO replying to posts with only smiles, will get instant warning no questions
    1.20 NO replying with random letters to posts, will get instant warning no questions
    1.21 NO replying with only thanks,thxxx,thx,ect,ect,will get instant warning no questions
    1.22 PM's must be open
    1.23 Furhter informations you can find in the "Questions and Suggestions" area

    2.0 Prohibited Content

    2.1 No child pornography (CP)
    2.2 No underage non-nude modeling (underage)
    2.3 No r a p e (or any other form of non-consentual activities)
    2.4 No murder or death
    2.5 No sex involving animals (bestiality or beast)
    2.6 No newsgroups (since they do not regulate CP)
    2.7 No camsites that may allow the viewing of underage models
    2.8 No sites or portals that link to any of the above material
    2.9 We reserve the right to prohibit any material we deem too sick or disgusting
    2.10 Every member is responsible for reviewing any and all of the content they post or reply to - Be sure you check for obvious links and galleries

    3.0 Password Area Rules

    3.1 Only 5 pass posts per 24 hrs (EXCEPTION: members with cracker status)
    3.2 Post only 10 passes per site
    3.3 You can choose to post your passes in Anti-Leech way. To view a tut about this service use this link:
    3.4 Do not post prohibited content
    3.5 Do not post advertisements or scam links
    3.6 Only post content related to the password section's designated category
    3.7 Only share your own work and don't leech passes from DarkStar. Otherwise you will be banned
    3.8 Always reply thanks to crackers for the specific passwords you use
    3.9 Never reply thanks to prohibited content
    3.10 Do not request passwords in a password section - Use the request section
    3.11 Do not leech passwords from this board to post at other boards.
    Leeching passwords from any Pass Section will bring a permanent ban. No refunds for leeching VIP Users.
    3.12 Report prohibited content
    3.13 Do not post passwords to sites with active credit accounts i.e pay per view, tokens, paid credits etc

    4.0 Trading Area Rules

    4.1 Do not trade prohibited content
    4.2 Use the Topic Title to display the site name of the password you have
    4.3 Use the Topic Description to display the site name of the password you want in trade
    4.4 Do not use Private Message (PM) to solicit trades from members with known passes
    4.5 Do not cheat or trade dead passes
    4.6 Report cheaters and dead pass traders

    5.0 Pass Request Rules

    5.1 You have to be paying VIP, OR a member for at least 1 month, AND you need to have at least 50 posts before you can request a pass.
    5.2 You must thank the cracker IN YOUR REQUEST THREAD, and, you also must send the cracker a PM saying thank you.
    5.3 Send some Reputation to the cracker, this is a suggestion, not a requirement.
    5.4 Always put the members url in the subject box (example http//
    5.5 Make it as easy as possible for the crackers and provide the following information:
    - member url in the topic-title
    - billing corporation
    - any restrictions for a username and password
    - what kind of login is used (form, popup or ocr)
    5.6 A failed request counts as a filled request. This means that, if you got a pass from a cracker, and it doesn't work for you, you must still thank the cracker in your request thread and with a PM.
    You can tell the cracker in your PM that the pass doesn't work, BUT, DO NOT ask for another. If the cracker wants to, he/she will try and get another one for you. Otherwise, you can re-request.
    5.7 A cracker will fill you request by PM.
    5.8 Do not request prohibited content.
    5.9 Do not fill requests for prohibited content.
    5.10 Do not request illegal content (e.g. credit card numbers, financial and government sites).
    5.11 Pass requests MUST be made here ONLY:
    5.12 Absolutely DO NOT PM anyone, ever, for a pass.
    5.13 You are allowed 2 (two) requests on the 1st page of the request forum.
    5.14 You may only reply a request thread if:
    (A) you are supplying a pass to the requestor;
    (B) you are replying (saying thank you) to the cracker.
    DO NOT tell the cracker that the pass doesn't work in your thread.
    5.15 DO NOT reply to a thread asking that you get a pass for the same site.

    Breaking ANY of these rules will result in a 30 day ban from requesting.

    If you have ANY questions about these rules, please ask Bedouin or Nektar, and we will be happy to assist you.

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